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Who do I charge a small fee for the initial site meeting service when others will come out for free?

architects marlow bottomThis question arises from time to time so below is my reasoning for doing so.

My initial site meeting small fee is a 'multi-level' tool that I use that has the following benefits for you (the possible new client) & myself (the professional services provider) which I would list below.

1 - THE FILTER - Unfortunately there are many potential clients who simply have no intention of using a professional Chartered Architect / Chartered Technologist / Chartered Building Survey & will eventually have the design completed by a an unqualified 'plan drawer' with all the risk that entails.

These people want our ideas & methods, comments on their proposals etc. to identify any pitfalls & then use someone else 'for cash' after extracting our ideas & assessments. The £50.00 small fee seems to filter / stops these people from making contact. You have already passed the test!

2 - TIME IS MONEY - Visiting a potential client absorbs at least half a day when you build in the time for admin, planning research, travelling, the meeting & the preparation of my report. The £50.00 does not cover the actual time spent providing you with the advice.

On average I see around 3 - 4 prospective clients a week. That's 2 days lost every week giving advice & opinions. I already work late at night & most weekends to simply to keep up with demand - I still need to do the production work of the documents, attend to target dates for responding to council matters, attend meetings for current clients etc. Its the best value for money there is in my opinion (but I would say that!!)

3 - YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR - I have evolved this site meeting process & feasibility reporting service over 30+ years now & I think its unique. Its attentive, proactive, & full of advice, comments, challenging of ideas if needed. I am not a 'yes man' but I am very good at 'moulding the clay' to what you are trying to achieve. Being a Technician / Technologist I am always mindful of how your scheme will be built from day one.

I am hopeful that all this will become evident during our meeting. Even people that have not used my services after this initial site meeting (usually on fee cost grounds - I am not the cheapest) end up recommending me to their friends & colleagues for the quality of advise & the report first given - I know my system works.

If you just see what we do as a 'means to an end' simply to get your builder working on site then you will not appreciate what we bring to the table for you.

4 - I AM DIFFERENT - Most people tell me this & find it refreshing. I am hopeful this should be evident within my opinionated & highly informative web site that is nothing like anyone else's. I am not everyone's 'cup of tea' but when the chemistry gels it works well.


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